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AVIAN signs exclusive surplus spare parts inventory agreement with Embraer

São José dos Campos, Brazil, January 24, 2022 - AVIAN Inventory Management, LLC (“AVIAN”), together with York Aerospace Solutions III (“YAS”) as the sole capital partner, has signed an agreement with Embraer for exclusive purchasing, marketing and distribution rights of surplus Embraer commercial and business jet airplane parts. Designed to promote accessibility and speed to market, AVIAN’s focused distribution center will deliver unparalleled product availability to all aircraft operators and maintenance and repair stations around the world providing a one-stop, go-to access point.


Established from the ground up specifically to accommodate Embraer’s long-term spare parts strategy, AVIAN will consolidate all of Embraer’s worldwide surplus spare part inventory in their new facility in Orlando, FL. Operations and sales are expected to commence in 1Q 2022.


In addition to Embraer, AVIAN has physically embedded Sales Channel Partners (“SCPs”) into its operation to act as the customer-facing entities. DASI, UNICAL Aviation and Regional Airline Support Group (RASG) have been named from a wide range of interested parties as each brought extensive market reach, years of product experience, and most importantly a demonstrated desire to support Embraer customers.


“With this long-term agreement with AVIAN we will be able to increase our reach and accessibility in parts distribution, at the same time allowing us to increase performance and efficiency with focus on customer needs”, said Johann Bordais, President and CEO of Embraer Services and Support.


End-users will have access to all AVIAN’s inventory through the regular Embraer sales channels in addition to each of the three selected SCPs. Operators will continue to be able to check parts availability through Embraer’s channels for ordering spare parts.


Ian Gurekian, CEO of AVIAN Inventory Management said "This partnership is an example of Embraer’s ability to adjust its long-term strategy while keeping complete focus on its customers. AVIAN was able to work together with Embraer to design a solution that meets both their financial and operational goals while creating a platform that keeps Embraer close to and integrated with its customer base."

Inauguração Avian Inventory.jpg

Ian Gurekian, CEO of AVIAN Inventory Management (L), and Johann Bordais, President and CEO of Embraer Services and Support (R), celebrate the agreement at the new facility in Orlando, FL.



AVIAN Inventory Management was launched as a dedicated entity to meet the specific needs of Embraer’s long-term spare parts strategy and to create a platform that can grow alongside Embraer’s expanding product offerings. AVIAN Component Solutions was established in 2019 in partnership with York Aerospace Solutions (“YAS”) which is backed and owned by York Capital Management (YCM) and Fidera, to provide structured inventory solutions to manufacturers in the aviation industry. Over the past two years, the capital partners have remained committed to AVIAN as their Operating Partner building long-term relationships within the sector that focus on inventory acquisitions.


About Embraer S.A.

A global aerospace company headquartered in Brazil, Embraer has businesses in Commercial and Executive aviation, Defense & Security and Agricultural Aviation. The company designs, develops, manufactures and markets aircraft and systems, providing Services & Support to customers after-sales.


Since it was founded in 1969, Embraer has delivered more than 8,000 aircraft. On average, about every 10 seconds an aircraft manufactured by Embraer takes off somewhere in the world, transporting over 145 million passengers a year.


Embraer is the leading manufacturer of commercial jets up to 150 seats and the main exporter of high value-added goods in Brazil. The company maintains industrial units, offices, service and parts distribution centers, among other activities, across the Americas, Africa, Asia and Europe.

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